Q/ris 3000 enterprise software Version 4.3

(July, 2011)

Dallas, Texas – Healthcare workflow system provider medQ inc. announces the release of its Q/ris 3000 enterprise software Version 4.3. With this release, the Q/ris 3000 provides a special mobile imaging workflow as well as improvements for imaging center and hospital based radiology operations. This is part of our continuing commitment to improve our product and provide more ways to increase productivity and profitability and at the same time improving patient care.

Major innovations in this release include:

  • A reengineered workflow used in the diagnostic process in mobile imaging operations. This includes a sophisticated charge capture module to create claims submission ready charges to output to any billing system. A full dispatch module has been added in addition to

    • Capture of all Stops and setup charges

    • Automatically identify all technical/professional components

    • Comprehensive set of Mobile Imaging specific Management reports

    • Automated Physician signature report for physicians to sign off

  • A critical test results module to aid in the communication of critical and significant test results.

  • Primary and secondary column sorts on all work lists in the system to improve productivity and functionality.

  • A module that allows technologists to import JPEG images to pass them along to any PACS. This eliminates paper, improves workflow and provides ready access to important information at the point of care. It allows you to store the document both in the Q/ris 3000 as well as the PACS as part of the image set.

  • Better search and filter options in our Reading Services module to streamline Reading Service operations.

  • The ability to assign macros to procedures and facilities. This greatly improves Radiologist productivity and encourages standardization in how results are created in large radiology groups.

  • Patient notes can be added and retrieved from anywhere in the system to support the communications of information between the various workflow steps.

  • Seamless plug and play integration with the Philips SpeechMike Barcode versions to improve Radiologist productivity in scenarios where a barcode workflow is used. This is done by streamlining how a study is selected using a barcode to just one click and the radiologist is ready to dictate.

  • Availability of an “Admin Tool” which is a web based administrator portal so that system administrators can manage several support tasks themselves empowering our sites to make configuration changes etc.

  • Radiologists can use Global and Personal macros for dictations allowing both flexibility as well as standardization in the reporting process.

  • A transcriptionist can now initiate the process of an addendum. This improves radiologist productivity so that they do not have to initiate.

medQ, inc., headquartered in Dallas, Texas, provides radiology information technology and service solutions that enable healthcare providers to deliver quality, cost effective patient care. Our medQ solutions provide an end-to-end, patient centric diagnostic imaging management process that results in greater operational efficiencies and improved patient outcomes with overall bottom line improvements.

For more information contact us at medq.info@medq.com or call 1-800-597-6330