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“If you want to do business in my company you must change the way you are operating today!
You must help me manage my business more
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You must help me create and deliver a better value
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Mobile Imaging Workflow

medQ also provides workflow and informatics software specifically designed for the diagnostic imaging process in mobile imaging operations. Our Q/ris 3000™ fully integrates and manages the business operations and imaging workflow including: ordering, dispatch operations, insurance pre-verification, route management, technologist dispatching and work list, multisite scanning, order QC, radiologist reporting and communication to the ordering facility and referring physician into to a rules driven easy to navigate workflow process. Full integration of the Q/ris 3000™ with any PACS, teleradiology or even film based operation, including DICOM modality work list functionality, will also enable the enterprise to go to a virtually paperless environment.

Included is a specifically designed charge capture program to handle the unique needs of the mobile imaging and Medicare market. This includes preparing a claims ready submission for:
  • Pre authorize insurance automatically and on-line at the time of order entry to improve reimbursements
  • Part A and Part B Medicare billing,
  • Split facility billing
  • Automatic calculation of trip and set up charges
  • Automatic tracking and preparation of physician signature verification

Q/ris 3000 Benefits:

  • State-of-the-art design and architecture provides stable and fast performance that is highly scalable and customizable. No limit to the number of facilities that can be managed
  • Be able to order and dispatch/schedule by physician or facility, on-site or via the web
  • Have a rules based dispatch module to assign technologists to vans and manage routes easily and efficiently
  • Open and component based architecture allows custom configuration for every customer – no “one size fits all”. This will allow each zone to be set up consistent with their customer’s needs, yet still allow enterprise management.
  • Operations can be conducted in an on-line and off-line mode providing a flexible solution for mobile operations when connectivity may be an issue.
  • Embedded, table-driven, customizable and automated business and clinical rules improve process efficiency and productivity, reduce errors and reduce real costs. Redundant data entry is eliminated thus reducing error rate.
  • The capability to manage multiple sites from one central location to improve productivity.
  • Q/ris dispatch module improves technologist/resource productivity and efficiency
  • Allows technologist note collection and scanning of technologist worksheets to be associated with the study for the reading radiologists and historical files.
  • Unique, intuitive navigation protocol makes the system fast, easy to learn and use.
  • Seamless integration of patient demographics and diagnostic images at the physician’s desktop create efficient patient diagnosis, reporting and faster turnaround to referring physicians – minutes instead of hours or even days
  • Anytime, anywhere access enables technologists and doctors to use the system on their schedule and at their location, not tied to a specific physical location.

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