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“If you want to do business in my company you must change the way you are operating today!
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Electronic Health Record

The Q/ris 3000 Electronic Health Record (EHR) module is a fully meaningful use certified program, seamlessly integrated into the RIS-IW. This program meets all 25 criteria for full certification to enable all eligible physicians (EP’s) to claim applicable Medicare reimbursement

How does medQ add value:

  • There is a single point of capture to enter data only once using essentially the same arrival process – no additional staffing needs to set up EHR patient for basic information.
  • A redesigned workflow process that has all the prework completed during the check in process and presents an “exam ready” patient to the tech will improve asset utilization.
  • A unique set of special checklists and real time reports/monitors to track events as they happen.
  • Ability to auto-populate information we get bi-directional with HIS or outside EHR.
  • The EHR is very intuitive, easy to use and easy to train users.
  • Will be a CD for the patient of CCD report + radiology at check out.
  • Will include a physician and patient portal for easy ordering and obtaining patient data on line – or, to provide electronic data to ordering physician and patient. Data be changed at any time, it is not “visit” oriented on or off line.
  • Hotlink to allow navigation from imaging patient registration etc. to EHR and vice versa with only one click of the mouse.
  • Can handle multi-facility operations and patients.
  • Easy tracking and ordering of lab results, even if done on site.
  • Automatically populated and intuitive dashboard to support user attestation for Medicare reimbursement.

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Drummond Certification

Drummond Certification

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