What our Customers are Saying

Alaire Godfrey, Practice Manager, Ultimate Imaging, Bermuda:

“The Q/ris system has significantly changed the way in which we service our patients. The user friendly software allows my Team to focus specifically on patient care, while I use the management tools to enhance workflow and productivity. The professional staff at MedQ made the implementation process seamless!"

Dr. Dee L. Martinez, MD, North Texas Imaging:

"By utilizing the medQ Dictation with real time Voice Recognition, fully integrated as part of my Smaart PACS, I am able to automatically open and complete studies faster and more efficiently. This improves my turnaround time and leads to greater satisfaction of my referring physicians. North Texas Imaging has grown over 20% in the last two years and through using this voice recognition based program we have not only kept up with the growth, but have actually reduced administrative staff.” Dr. Martinez goes on to state; “I don’t know how any radiologist today can operate effectively with our using the capabilities of a VR based dictation program integrated into their PACS.”

Dr. Dee L. Martinez, MD has been using the medQ Voice Recognition based Dictation Program since 2009. Dr. Martinez uses the system daily at his North Texas Imaging center in Dallas, Texas, averaging 120 cases a day.

Mr. Phil Hatton, President, Central Imaging of Arlington:

“With the introduction of the Q/ris 3000 workflow and Voice Recognition we have been able to improve operational efficiency, improve turnaround time and will allow us to reduce over $130,000 in staffing cost.”

Dr. Douglas Fulk, M.D., President, Cedar Court Imaging, Carbondale Illinois:

“The Q/ris 3000™ is easy to use, improves my productivity and allows me and my referring physicians to provide better service! An integrated approach is a must. I can’t imagine using a RIS or PACS independently, as you can’t guarantee you will always match the image to the patient.”

Mr. Kristopher Berg, Director of Technology, Medicus LLC:

“The Q/ris 3000™ has enabled us to set up a reading services workflow that is very efficient in allowing our doctors to provide fast turnaround to our clients.”

Dr. Charles Greeson MD, Medical Director at Digital Diagnostic Center:

“The medQ team worked closely with my staff to design the workflow process and train my team to ensure we had a fully integrated workflow and a seamless and successful launch of our new facility. The fact that the Q/ris-aycan combination provides us with a completely integrated and virtually paperless operation ensures our operations will start out and continue at a high level of efficiency and productivity. The dictation program, with integrated real time voice recognition, also allows us to have the reports out to our referring physicians in minutes, a definite positive to improve patient care."

Darin K. Brannan, MD, Medical Director of The Children’s Center:

“Prior to deployment of medQ, our patient management was a very manual, time consuming operation and patient records were scattered across more than 100 disparate data bases. medQ provided us the comprehensive software solution to improve the efficiency of our order process and a single, unified data base for patient history.”