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“If you want to do business in my company you must change the way you are operating today!
You must help me manage my business more
effectively, not as a supplier, but as a partner.
You must help me create and deliver a better value
to my customer and to my enterprise!”

Physician’s Web Portal

Q/ris Referring Physician’s Desktop allows users to register patients, order exams, check patient status, and view/print final reports and images with a Web browser and a standard Internet connection.

Q/ris 3000 Benefits:

  • Secure, SSL encrypted, rights based sign on and viewing privileges
  • Allows new patient registration and new order generation
  • Easy check of order/patient status, including prior history
  • Review and download of final reports (in PDF format)
  • Image viewer (non diagnostic) to see images and burn CD’s

Tutorial Medq's Referring Physician's Portal Quick Guide Video