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Integrated Patient Reporting

Accurate and timely reports are the essential deliverable of your daily workflow – essential to your referring physician’s care delivery. With the Q/ris 3000 reports are delivered in minutes, not days.

Q/ris 3000 Benefits:

  • Fully integrated dictation work list to launch automatically PACS images from the radiologist’s desktop
  • Three options: traditional digital dictation, voice recognition routed to an editor and real-time voice recognition
  • Extensive use of macros and structured reports to standardize and speed reporting
  • Voice Recognition using Dragon Naturally Speaking™
  • Roaming profiles provide radiologist’s the ability to move from station to station without needing to retrain or reset their voice profiles.
  • One click addendum creation with auto-launching of images from patient history
  • Remote web access to sign reports
  • Full patient history through a single, integrated view at the physician’s desktop
  • User configurable time buffer provides the ability to re-review and modify reports without having to complete addendum
  • Reports are auto-faxed, emailed (with encryption) or network printed in user defined formats

Learn more:
Q/ris Reporting Plus+ (PDF)
Q/ris 3000 Structured Report Module (PDF)

Improve Report Creation and Communications

Improve report communication with ordering physicians, reduce Turn-Around-Time, help improve patient outcomes and minimize operational expense with medQ’s comprehensive reporting solution. This robust solution enables radiologist deliver a high quality reports in a timely and cost effective manner. Be sure to download our webinar today to learn how medQ’s comprehensive reporting solution can impact your business!

In this webinar we highlight our integrated solution including:

Multiple dictation workflows
Closed loop Critical Test Results
Structured Reporting
Peer Review
Multi-Faceted Report Distribution

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