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“If you want to do business in my company you must change the way you are operating today!
You must help me manage my business more
effectively, not as a supplier, but as a partner.
You must help me create and deliver a better value
to my customer and to my enterprise!”

Ordering and Scheduling

Increase Efficiency from the Moment of Referral

There is never time to waste. Now, you receive more pressure than ever to improve productivity, especially on the front end when ordering, scheduling and registering patients. Rely on medQ for the resources you need to drive your business transformation and meet the demands of today’s environment.

Our Q/ris 3000 solution offers:

  • Orders can be entered via multiple methods; manually, through HL7 interfacing, or via our referring physician’s web portal.
  • Intelligent, fast, intuitive and rules-driven online scheduling and room management to simplify patient booking – making it virtually error-free.
  • Automatic scheduling of complex segmented procedures and tailored conflict management rules
  • Real-time workflow balancing for single or multi-facility utilization to maximize resource utilization and patient satisfaction
  • Efficient and paperless patient registration and document management – including document scanning to create a perpetual on-line storage and virtual paperless workflow
  • Capability to schedule multiple facilities simultaneously from central locations or at the individual sites
  • Real-time management reporting to measure Quality as well as operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Up front, on-line real time insurance verification
  • Universal HL7 connectivity to any HIS/RIS/EMR/EHR
  • Achieved full Meaningful Use Certification in 2012
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Q/ris 3000 Patient Balance Estimator (PDF)