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“If you want to do business in my company you must change the way you are operating today!
You must help me manage my business more
effectively, not as a supplier, but as a partner.
You must help me create and deliver a better value
to my customer and to my enterprise!”

Mammography Tracking

A fully integrated system that helps you manage your breast imaging department and comply with with MQSA, ACR Birads/NMD, NQMBC or NAPBC requirements.

Q/ris 3000 Benefits:

  • Generates customized patient result, recall and overdue letters
  • Provides detailed follow up to make sure patients return and don’t fall through the cracks
  • Tracks all patient and physician communications
  • Tracks mammography, ultrasound, MRI, core biopsies, surgical outcomes and pathology reports
  • Prints referring physician summary reports
  • Prints dozens of statistical and quality assurance audits