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Critical Test Results Management (CTRM)

The communication of critical and significant test results is a continually sighted problem in the healthcare environment today. The Joint Commission’s #2 Goal requiring that hospitals implement a standardized approach to hand-off communications is still prevalent, and Patient Safety and Hospital administrators need an easier way to track their performance versus manually collecting the data when the Joint Commission shows up on their doorstep.

Q/ris 3000 has developed an affordable solution to this problem by providing a module that assists in the communication of a CTR, as well as documenting and storing the communication indefinitely for real time reporting.

Q/ris 3000 CTRM Key Benefits:

  • Workflow design is based on radiologist feedback and is engineered to be seamless and efficient when a CTR needs to be communicated and documented
  • Radiologist can choose to communicate the CTR to the referring physician or delegate the responsibility to radiology administrative personnel
  • Identify and document the person to whom the CTR was communicated, and by whom
  • Free text area to document additional details of the procedure, result or CTR communication that will become part of the permanent record
  • Management Reports can be created, real time, highlighting all pertinent activity

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